Welding Turntables

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Our welding turntables range from 5 to 50 tonne load capacities and are an ideal design for strip cladding welding (ESW), utilising a lower centre of gravity and perfect horizontal positioning. Our 5 turntable models are currently in stock expect for the 50 tonne model which is special order. All are available to hire and buy.

Have a browse through our product portfolio where you can see a small portion of our turntable selection, and other welding equipment you may find useful.

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Load Capacity

TT5 Turntable Positioner

5 Tonnes

TT10 Turntable Positioner

10 Tonnes

TT20 Turntable Positioner

20 Tonnes

TT30Turntable Positioner

30 Tonnes

TT50 Tonne Turntable Positioner

50 Tonnes