CR 1000 Tonne Conventional Welding Rotators

CR 1000 Tonne Conventional Welding Rotators


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We have as many CR 1000 tonne conventional drive and idler welding rotators as you need, depending on how thick the vessel wall is to spread the load to preventing denting, or if extra idlers are needed for extra long cylindrical vessels.

Typically hardened polyurethane tyres usually begin to melt around 100°C, whereas is you require to pre-heat your job, in some cases up to 400°C, then the steel wheeled version of our rotators is the perfect solution to high temperature weld procedures. All of our 1000 tonne models have steel wheels, but if extra grip is required with being pre-heated then our 750 tonne model can be used with polyurethane tyres.

Also, because this design has raised and enlarged wheels it allows for vast clearance in between the wheel and the frame, making these the perfect rotators for vessels with protruding fittings along the body.

As we also manufacture, design and build our rotators so we can produce what ever specifications you desire, whether you require steel wheels, extended frames, raised and larger tyres or anything that relates to your job.

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