PlymoVent PHV Dust and Welding Fume Extractor

  • 1. PlymoVent Fume Extractor 110V
  • 2. PlymoVent Fume Extractor 110V

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PlymoVent PHV Dust and Welding Fume Extractor


*The photos seen here are of a 'Used' machine*

"The PHV portable high-vacuum is a portable 110V welding fume extractor. It extracts welding fumes and grinding dust near the source and can be used in awkward locations that are not particularly accessible to ordinary extraction arms or mobile units. The unit can also be mounted on the wall or used as a mobile unit on wheels."

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  • Four-stage filtration system

  • Unique Dura-H main filter

  • Safe, easy operation

  • Automatic start/stop system, saving energy costs

  • Low noise level

  • 110V Supply

  • Magnetic Nozzle Clamp

Recommended for:

Light application for welding fumes that require portability.

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