Nuair 200 Ltr Compressor, 5.5 HP, 415V 3 Phase

  • 1. Nuair 200lt Compressor, 5.5HP
  • 2. Nuair 200lt Compressor, 5.5HP
  • 3. Nuair 200lt Compressor, 5.5HP
  • 4. Nuair 200lt Compressor, 5.5HP
  • 5. Nuair 200lt Compressor, 5.5HP
  • 6. Nuair 200lt Compressor, 5.5HP

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Nuair 200 Ltr Compressor, 5.5 HP, 415V 3 Phase


These excellent made 200 ltr compressors are ideal for providing compressed air to plasma cutters and our air arc gouging hire machines as seen in the photos, spray painting booths, 3M fresh air fed painters helmet and countless other applications. With it's 5.5 HP motor this NT7/200 FT 5.5 model can re-fill the 200 ltr tank quickly and is a very reliable industrial grade machine.

All compressor equipment including the 230V 3HP equivalent is usually kept in stock and available for hire or to buy, including any length air hose and other fittings. At the bottom of this page is the manufactures specifications.

Get in contact for a competitive quote and to learn more about hiring and buying our equipment, or if you need any technical help.



  • High performance two stage compressor pump with cast iron cylinder

  • High out put with free air delivered up to 25 % greater than competitive machines

  • Special anti vibration feet attached to compressor pump for reduced noise and vibration

  • Die cast aluminium after cooler that is more efficient and does not vibrate or fracture as with other compressors

  • Fitted with silencing suction filter

  • Advanced cooling system

  • High quality components

  • Simple on /off controls allows ease of use and energy efficiency

  • Maximum pressure at 10 bar (145 psi)

  • High quality 4 kW/5.5HP electric motor

  • Large 200 Litre air receiver

  • Capacity 680 L/min (24 cfm) Displacement

  • 2 year warranty

Code: S-N7LN701FPS044

Model: NB7/200 FT 5.5 - Stationary

Weight: 152 kg

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