Lincoln Electric Idealarc DC 1000 Submerged Arc Welding Machine

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Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric Idealarc DC 1000



Operators Manual


The Lincoln Electric Idealarc DC 1000 is the best submerged arc welding machine in the world based on it's reliability, outstanding duty cycle, compact design and capabilities for air arc gouging as well.

This is a truly superior submerged arc welding machine and here are Spectrum Welding Supplies Ltd we have usually have between 5 - 12 DC 1000 machines in stock as part of our hire fleet, all ready to go.

The DC 1000 will allow you to couple your interlink cables to either an NA-3 or NA-5 controller/head setup on one of our column and boom welding manipulators, or to an LT-7 Tractor unit on unlimited lengths of track such as 50 meter runs, which we also stock for all our hire tractors.

"If your application requires pure welding power combined with multiprocess flexibility, then the DC-1000, with 1300 amps of smooth DC output, is your best investment.

Designed for semi automatic and automatic welding, the precise control of the DC-1000 delivers superior high amperage MIG, flux-cored, submerged arc welding and air carbon arc gouging with up to 5/8" (15.9 mm) diameter carbons."

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  • 220/380/440/3/50-60


  • 1000A/44A@100%

  • 1140A/45V@60%


  • 193/96.5A


  • 150-1300A


  • 781 mm x 567 mm x 991 mm


  • 372 kg



  • 500 amp output connections provide enhanced arc characteristics for low amperage submerged arc and MIG welding procedures.

  • Single range control for precise output control and easy operation

  • Low profile case allows installation of the DC-1000 under a work-bench and for stacking up to 2 machines to conserve floor space.

  • Line voltage compensation maintains weld consistency, even with line voltage changes of ±10%.

  • Electronic and thermostatic protection from current overload and excessive temperatures



Submerged arc, MIG, Flux-cored, Air Arc Gouging.

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