KP 10 tonne capacity adjustable height model welding positioner for hire

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Spectrum Hire Plant KP 10 tonne capacity adjustable height model welding positioner


This 10 tonne capacity hire plant welding positioner is a special model, with the added 'adjustable height' frame feature. The 1600mm / 2000mm / 24000m floor to centre of  table (when tilted vertical) height settings, mean that wide jobs attached the table won't hit the positioner legs / floor. This adjustable height feature is especially useful if your job has fittings / protrusions coming off, and if the job needs supporting at the other end to get full access under the job.

This machine can also be used on the lowest standard height setting as a normal conventional welding positioner.




  • Supply Voltage: 415V (20amps)

  • Maximum Load Capacity on a flat table: 10,000kg

  • Maximum Load Capacity UNSUPPORTED @ 1000mm from a tilted 90° table (even C of G weight distribution):  6,000kg 

  • Controls: Push button pendant controller for Forward/Reverse/Stop and variable speed (Foot Pedal for Turn On/Off Optional)

  • Maximum Earthing Amperage: 700 Amps

  • Table Rotation Inverter Variable Speed: 0.03 - 0.6 RPM

  • Table Tilt Inverter Variable Speed: 0.00mm - 600mm per minute

  • Table Rotation Speed Control Knobs: Located on pendant

  • Electric Tilt Range: 0 - 135°

  • Table Diameter: 1830 mm with x8 M42 holes slots

  • Length: 2700 mm

  • Width: 2100 mm

  • Height: 2000 mm

  • Floor to centre of table height settings when table is tilted 90°: 1600mm / 2000mm / 2400mm

  • Machine Weight exc. chuck: 7,100 kg



Spectrum Welding Supplies Ltd plant equipment has been tested in accordance with CE Mark regulations89/392/EEC, such as the European Product Supply Directives (machine declaration of conformity assessments also available), as part of ‘ensuring the machinery remains safe for use’, under the 'Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998' (PUWER).

Mechanical factory acceptance tests are in-line with BS EN 62381:2012 / BS EN ISO 13854:2019, and the electrical factory acceptance tests in accordance with BS EN 7671 18th Edition.

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