BODE 7.5 Tonne Welding Positioner

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BODE 7.5 Tonne Welding Positioner


BODE Conventional Positioners


Rated Load Capacity ‘W’ (kg): 8000
Rated Centre of Gravity ‘A’ (mm): 300
Rated Eccentricity ‘B’ (mm): 150
Rated Load Table Horizontal (kg): 12,000
Rated Tilt Torque ‘T’ (kg M): 4080
Rated Rotation Torque ‘R’ (kg M): 1200
Table Diameter ‘H’ (mm): 1525
Table Slots – Bolt Size: M24
Overall Length ‘C’ (mm): 2250
Overall Width ‘D’ (mm): 1600
Overall Height Table Level ‘E’ (mm): 1360
Overall Height to Trunnions ‘F’ (mm): 1150
Distance from Table to Pivot ‘G’ (mm): 210
Rotation Speed – Thyristor (rpm) Min: 0.05 Max: 1.00
Tilt Speed (Seconds per 135 degrees): 64
Rotation Motor (kW): 3.0
Tilt Motor (kW): 3.0
Earthing (Amperes): 600

*The photos seen here are of a 'Used' machine*

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