60 Tonne Conventional Welding Rotators

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60 Tonne Conventional Welding Rotators


*The photos seen here are of a 'Used' machine*

These 60 tonne welding rotators have been some of the most popular additions to our heavy hire fleet over the last 10 years. The engineering that has been put into the design and manufacturing is outstanding, as well as being modern and compact.

Also, when x1 60 tonne rotator drive unit is coupled with x2 60 tonne idler units, they can turn 90 tonnes in total, which is pretty impressive.

We currently have numerous sets of 60 tonne conventional welding rotators ready for hire or to buy, or if you need a heavier set then our 100t model.

Get in contact to learn more about hiring and buying our equipment, or if you need any technical help.



  • Model: CR60 CE Rotator set (drive and idler)

  • Load Carrying Capacity, Drive: 30 tonnes maximum

  • Load Carrying Capacity, Idler: 30 tonnes maximum

  • Load Carrying Capacity, Set: 60 tonnes maximum

  • Rotation Capacity, Drive Roll: 90 tonnes maximum

  • Wheel Centre Distance: 700, 1100, 1500, 1900, 2300, 2700, 3100 mm

  • Vessel Diameter Capacity: 570 mm to 6800 mm

  • Rotation Speed Range: 130 to 1300 mm/min

  • Tyre Type: Polyurethane, A95 durometer rating

  • Wheel Size: 520.7 mm diameter x 355.6 mm wide (20.5 in diameter x 14 in wide)

  • Five Function Control: Push Button Pendant, 15 m cable, (forward/stop/reverse/speed control/emergency stop)

  • Rotation Drive Motors: 2 x 1.5 kW with fan cooling

  • Primary Input Power: 380 to 480 V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz

  • Input Current at Rated Load: 12.1 A

  • Weight, Drive: 2050 kg

  • Weight, Idler: 1250 kg

  • Control Box Ingress Protection Rating: IP65

  • Control Box Electrical Certification: UL508

  • Loading Capacity Certification: UL2011

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