Used Refurbished Courtburn 2.5 tonne SWL Welding Positioner

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Used Refurbished Courtburn 2.5 tonne SWL Welding Positioner


We have just recently finished full stripping and rebuilding this Courtburn 3,000kg SWL welding positioner.

Although this model is technically a 3 tonnes SWL capacity, we have de-rated the safe working load of this machine to 2,500kg, and the subsequently lowering of what the positioner can turn at 500mm, 1000mm, and 1500mm.

We have done this to increase the duty rating of the machine (to reduce wear), and to make sure it gets used safely, and is not over loaded on a titled vertical table. The machine still possesses the same mechanical and electrical capacity components, and is capable of of turning 3,000kg, only when our customers consult our updated load chart before using the positioner, it will verify what the maximum safe weights are allowed.

This refurb was a full gut, and the brand new control panel system has made this machine as new. It has been fully sanded, 2 fresh coats of paint and primed, oil seals have been changed, table holes re-tapped M24, guard holes and all others re-tapped, all gears stripped, cleaned, keyway steel checked, and every component serviced, tested, and greased.

This machine is available to hire, and is also available to buy at a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new 3 tonne SWL welding positioner. Send us an email to to learn more.



  • Supply Voltage: 415V

  • Maximum Load Capacity on a flat table: 2,500kg

  • Maximum Load Capacity @ 750mm from a tilted 90° table: 800kg

  • Controls: Push button pendant controller for Forward/Reverse/Stop and variable speed (Foot Pedal for Turn On/Off Optional)

  • RPM: 0 - 1.5 RPM Variable Speed

  • Maximum Earthing Amperage: 700 Amps

  • Table Rotation Speed: 0 - 1.5 RPM

  • Electric Tilt Range: 0 - 135°

  • Table Diameter: 913 mm NON-SLOTTED with M24 threaded holes

  • Length: 1530 mm

  • Width: 1140 mm

  • Height: 1,300 mm

  • Floor to centre of table when table is tilted 90°: 939mm

  • Weight: 1,100 kg


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