Kemppi PSS 5000 AC/DC Water Cooled TIG Welding Machine

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  • Kemppi PS 3000

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Kemppi PSS 5000 AC/DC Water Cooled TIG Welding Machine


*The photos seen here are of a 'Used' machine*

We have x2 Kemppi PSS 5000 AC/DC water cooled TIG welders left, capable of 500 amps. These machine are extremely powerful with very high duty cycles.

Lastly, when we hire this machine out to do high powered up to 25mm thick AC aluminium welding we strongly recommend using the correct gas mixture for maximum heat and penetration:

"When welding thick aluminium sections with pure argon as the shielding gas, porosity, lack of penetration and fusion defects can occur. The addition of helium to the argon shielding gas can significantly reduce these defects. This is because the high thermal conductivity of helium results in more energy being transferred into the weld. This in turn produces a hotter weld pool, resulting in improved fusion and slower freezing times, allowing any trapped gas more time to escape."(BOC Online)

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