BODE 15 Tonne Welding Positioner

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BODE 15 Tonne Welding Positioner


This 15 tonne positioner is big. We have recently sent an identical machine to Rolls Royce for specialised applications with great success. The 15 tonne welding positioner has massive torque and perfect for awkward engineering projects.

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BODE Conventional Posistioners

BODE 15 Tonne Positioner.


Rated Load Capacity ‘W’ (kg): 15,000
Rated Centre of Gravity ‘A’ (mm): 750
Rated Eccentricity ‘B’ (mm): 250
Rated Load Table Horizontal (kg): 21,000
Rated Tilt Torque ‘T’ (kg M): 15,750
Rated Rotation Torque ‘R’ (kg M): 3750
Distance From Table to Pivot (mm): 300
Rotation Speed – Thyristor (rpm) Min: 0.033 Max: 0.66
Tilt Speed (Seconds per 135 degrees): 110
Table Diameter ‘H’ (mm): 2200
Table Slots – Bolt Size: M36
Rotation Motor (kW): 4.0
Tilt Motor (kW): 5.5
Earthing (Amperes): 600
Overall Length ‘C’ (mm): 3200
Overall Width ‘D’ (mm): 2200
Overall Height Table Level ‘E’ (mm): 1800
Overall Height to Trunnions ‘F’ (mm): 1500
Machine Weight (kg): 10,250

*The photos seen here are of a 'Used' machine*

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