BODE 5 Tonne Conventional Welding Rotators

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BODE 5 Tonne Compact Conventional Welding Rotators


*The photos seen here are of a 'Used' machine*

Here are our unique BODE 5 tonne welding rotators that have a drive and idler built into the same frame.

We've re-built, modified and upgraded these rotators in-house. Their compact size is ideal for small spaces and moving the set around a shop with ease. Additional free running idler units which also have x4 adjustable wheels on them are available

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  • Supply Voltage: 110V, 240V or 415V

  • Maximum Load Capacity SWL: 5000kg

  • x1 Frames Size Available: Compact frame, drive & idler in-built

  • Minimum Diameter SWL: 80mm

  • Maximum Diameter SWL: 1800mm

  • Maximum Length Pipe Per Frame: 4000mm

  • Drive Unit Weight: 200kg

  • Idler Unit Weight: 120kg

  • Controls: Pendant Remote & Foot Pedal Operated (optional)

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