415V to 240V Splitter Box (Distribution Box) with x4 16 Amp Sockets

  • 1. 240V Splitter Box
  • 2. 240V Splitter Box
  • 3. 240V Splitter Box
  • 4. 240V Splitter Box

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240V Splitter Box (Distribution Box) with x4 16 Amp Sockets


Here at Spectrum Welding Supplies Ltd we make and stock a range of splitter boxes, with this 240V model in-house manufactured and available in any configuration, including 16 or 32 Amp sockets and any 415V plug supply.

Get in contact for a competitive quote and to learn more about hiring and buying.



  • x2 or x4 16 amp or 32 amp sockets

  • 4 or 5 pin 32 amp or 63 amp plug supply

  • Any length primary cable (5 meter standard)


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