Here at Spectrum Welding Supplies Ltd we have been supplying Jasic welding equipment for years and have come to love their range of machinery, which can be found here by clicking on our products page.

With the incredible 5 year warranty on offer, Jasic provide reliability, quality and cost effectiveness, with an excellent UK service centre for support.

We are also proud to say that we use these machines as part of our hire fleet and would recommend Jasic welders to every level of operator from beginner to advanced.

Here below are our website links to the new Jasic welder inverters we have in stock at present:

MIG Welder Inverters:



Water Cooled MIG Welder Inverters:



DC TIG Welder Inverters:



AC/DC Welder Inverters:



AC/DC Water Cooled Welder Inverters:



MMA Stick Welder Inverters:


Get in contact for a competitive quote and to learn more about hiring and buying our equipment, or if you need any technical help.

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